Jamii Media (The owner of JamiiForums) and TALES Co. collaboratively implemented a project named ‘Expanding Civic Space through Advocacy and Media Capacity in Tanzania’ with the target of increasing the Online Publications of CSOs reports, data and information so that to reduce printing costs for CSOs’ Reports and information (hard copies).

Another objective of this project is to inculcate the culture of online publications and make an easier access of CSOs reports to all interested stakeholders by establishing a well-built (Database) portal and archive for storing CSO reports and information, believing that this will create an open forum for stakeholders and the general public to review and comments and feedback on reports and information from CSOs.

CSOs in Tanzania are selected as participant members and stakeholders. Members were selected based on interest, the type of work they do, geographic region, and other factors. The CSOs Participating in this project have agreed to be involved by sharing their external reports and publications which are uploaded to the database for easier access for interested stakeholders such as citizens, elites, researchers, national and international organizations. Participants in this platform (CSOs) have additional benefits for their organizations in which, it will open the door to their publications accessibility to a big number of online users who visit this platform and its associated Social Media accounts.

For all interested stakeholders, our team would like to visit your organization and engage you so you can also be a participant in this good cause which in return it will expand the current shrinking Civic Space in Tanzania.

The project is supported and funded by the International Centre for Not Profit Law (ICNL) which is based in Washington DC, United States of America.

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Our Team

Asha D. Abinallah

Project Manager

Hussein F. Sengu

Project Coordinator

John P. Kaoneka

Database Administrator

Mike Mushi

Data Manager